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 Finding Hatty

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Cyzarine Sistine


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PostSubject: Finding Hatty   Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:51 am

Cyzarine sniffed as she touched down in the park. It was dark - past midnight, in fact - and she knew well enough that Mikey and his new friend Andrew both expected her to be in the Garden back at Mandible House, looking for Hatty.
Cyzarine knew what people told her, and what they said about her. She may not have been the eldest avian around, but between her enhanced hearing and psychic powers (including reading minds) there wasn't much said or thought about her she didn't know about.
Hatty flew down beside her - she was more of a glow than an actual fairy-figure, but Cyzarine didn't mind. Hatty the hat-loving fairy-thing was her closest companion. The one person who didn't call her crazy, even if it was in their own minds.
Cyzarine sunk into the grass and sighed. The full moon wasn't up yet, but she could always go and scare someone. Or perhaps she'd make a couple of bucks telling fortunes. That was always quite funny.
"Exactly," agreed Hatty, when she voiced these thoughts to her, "and if you see anyone you like the look of, I'll give you a hand getting them back to Mandible House. Besides, it's not like Mikey needs to know!" she added, laughing.
Cyzarine sighed and gazed out over the park. She scanned round for any minds nearby, but the closest she found to a threat was a confused mole. That wasn't any fun.
Deciding it was too late for fortune-telling and scaring, Cyzarine resigned herself to sitting in the damp park grass, alone.
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Donatello Yoshi


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PostSubject: Re: Finding Hatty   Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:54 pm

Donny, in his usual nighttime attire (Dark Blue) landed silently (Having dropped from his hiding place in a tree) noticed someone sitting alone on the grass..

Approaching this person could be dangerous..were they friend, or foe?

Deciding not to risk it, Donatello walked silently towards the stream for some quiet meditation.Where he would sit, completely hidden from the outside world. Where some more came back to him.

Pain..pain on his body...but he couldn't picture where.

Such pain..
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Finding Hatty
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